Norway : Sales of fully electric car surpassing 50% share on 2020

Sales of fully electric cars in Norway are growing and this Nordic country is seen as a model for promoting electrification. These show the statistics where in 2020 7 of the 10 cars sold in Norway were purely electric plug-in Hybrid.

In fact, last year the share of fully electric cars was at a staggering 54.3%. If we add plug-in hybrids models then the rate grows even more impressively and reaches an astonishing 74.8%. Thus in Norway 76,789 full electric cars were sold while hybrid plug-ins reached 28,904 units.

It is also one of the only countries where BEVs are permanently prevalent over plug-in hybrids. In terms of overall ranking position for 2020 the Audi made the big rollover where the e-tron SUV sold a total of 9,227 units and a 7% share. Although in December the Tesla Model 3 made impressive sales with 4,232 cars it failed to dethrone the Audi e-tron after the model from America sold 7,770 cars.

In third place another pure electric car of the Volkswagen Group and it is no other than the ID 3 where with few cars difference lost the second place from the Model 3, and thus took 3rd place. The Nissan Leaf showed a strong presence taking fourth place with 5,221 cars and a 4% share.

Norway Sales fully electric

Remarkable is the course of Hyundai Kona Electric since it completes the top five with 4,989 cars and a 4% share. It is also worth mentioning the very good performance of Saic MG ZS EV where with 3,720 units it ranked 7th. Another Volkswagen pure electric vehicle, where he is at the end of its career, made impressive sales with 4,770 units.

Between eighth and tenth place where are the Mercedes EQC SUV and Polestar 2 respectively is the first plug-in hybrid model where the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is located. Note that the first eight cars in the classification are all full electric.

It is worth noting that the Norwegian government’s goal is by 2025 for all new models sold in the country to be electric. On the other hand, at the rate at which hybrid electric plug-ins are sold, 2025 seems to be even closer than Norwegians think.


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