Poor results for the Chinese electric model Suda SA01 in ADAC tests

Very poor were the results for the Chinese electric model Suda SA01 in the field of safety where the German ADAC carried out. The very affordable model from China was launched in Germany around the end of 2020 and with the large subsidy offered by the German state its price starts at just 10,390 euros.

To get a taste of the amount of the subsidy to mention that its price without the bonuses is at 19,390 euros. Of course the price for the basic model is that there is neither ESP nor airbags. So the German ADAC tested it for passive and active safety and the results were not good at all.

The Suda SA01 is a medium-sized electric car with an electric motor with a power of 109 horsepower and for the necessary energy takes care of a 40 kWh battery. The autonomy of the SA01 ranges around 200 km while its top speed reaches 134 km/h.

About crash test results for the Chinese electric model, it was carried out at a speed of 64 km/h and the driver would have suffered serious injuries as modern safety systems are almost non-existent. For example, there are no airbags and no pretensioner seatbelts, resulting in the driver’s head being hit hard on the steering wheel.

Also due to the deformation the living space of the cabin is greatly reduced. However, the battery during the collision had not been deformed and remained almost intact.

However, the list of disadvantages does not end here, since the active safety test has shown very difficult road behaviour even at medium speeds. It also has relatively weak brakes and build quality while comfort is below average.


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