Strong demand for Tesla Model Y expected in China

The Tesla Model Y is already in sales stores in China and it looks like strong demand is expected for the compact SUV. The company will introduce a new car import strategy for this model. Gigafactory Shanghai has almost doubled its facilities and several months before preparations began for the production of the Model Y.

Nearly two months ago Tesla got approval from the Chinese government to produce the electric Compact SUV. Production of the model has already started a few weeks ago and deliveries are expected to begin this month.

Strong demand for Model Y

As mentioned above, demand for the Model Y is expected to be very strong in the Chinese market. This shows in some videos in Tesla stores in China showing crowds of people rushing in and explore the Model Y. A Tweet from @raytesla as you can see below shows just that.

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With the start of sales in the Chinese market, Tesla also updated the price of the electric SUV. So the Model Y will now start at 339,900 yuan ($52,000) for the Long Range Dual Motor version. The top version of Model Y Performance will start at 369,900 yuan ($56,600).


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