Tesla Model Y : This is Seven Seat Interior version

The new Tesla Model Y seven seat interior version was recently revealed by the US electric vehicle company after a video shows how the third row of seats has been adjusted to make the Model Y seven-seater.

Specifically, it is the Model Y Standard Range where it will have a range of 244 miles (393 km) and will be able to order with the third row of seats so that 7 people can travel. Tesla lists this version as “Seven Seat Interior” where it costs $3,000.

At first Tesla had posted a photo showing what the seven-seat version would look like. There are also reports that Tesla representatives are sending this video to future buyers via Reddit, from where electrek took it and posted it on its YouTube channel.

In the video below you can see how the two seats are placed in the third row, as well as the access that the passenger has to them. It should be remembered that with the addition of the third series the Model Y will be able to carry up to seven passengers. Of course you will notice that the last two seats in the third row are quite small in size as well as limited space for the knees.

The Model Y with seven seat, also features USB charging doors in the third row of seats for all devices as well as smart storage spaces under the seats to meet the needs due to the additional seats. Let’s remember that the launch of the Chinese Model Y begins this month with demand being very high.


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