Tesla (TSLA) Stock touched the sky but the goal is Mars

Tesla stock (TSLA) has already touched the sky after the penultimate day of the week yesterday. I wonder what the limits can be reached? Assuming visionary Elon Musk wants to conquer Mars through SpaceX, then yes! The sky of the earth is not the limit.

At the end of yesterday, Tesla’s (TSLA) stock reached a new high of $816.04 and an increase of 9.14% over the previous day whrere was at $755.98. This means Tesla’s stock market value reached an impressive $773.52 billion. So the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX passed Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, on the list of the world’s richest people.

After an impressive 2020 for Tesla in terms of production and stock market, 2021 started ideally for Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company. For now, tesla’s CEO’s fortune is about $184 billion and is likely to go up in the coming days.

Tesla stock touched the sky
Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s overall course last year exceeded all expectations with a new record in vehicle production and deliveries. Specifically for 2020, Tesla produced 54,805 Model S/Model X and 454,932 Model 3/Model Y. In terms of deliveries 57,039 were Model S and Model X while 442,511 Model 3 and Model Y.

Of course this year the Model Y will play an important role in achieving even better numbers since the category of compact SUVs is very popular in most markets. The Model Y is already produced in the U.S. but the first deliveries to China will soon begin from the local Gigafactory Shanghai. Also the first indications of the demand of Tesla’s SUV in China are impressive.


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