This is the Toyota affordable urban mobility car

Toyota at the end of 2019 unveiled an affordable electric urban mobility car with lilliputian dimensions with the aim of getting into production in 2020. Eventually Toyota started the launch of the electric car city where it has the name C+pod and at first glance shows that the city will be the main place of action.

With limited external dimensions it is expected to be extremely flexible in the city’s straits. The Toyota C+pod is 2,490 mm long, 1,290 mm wide, 1,550 mm high, 1,780 mm wheelbase. and turning radius of just 3.9 m.

Toyota affordable urban mobility car

Of course inside do not expect spaces respectively that has a mid-range vehicle but its dashboard is particularly ergonomic simple in optics although the multimedia system is absent from the central console.

The small city car features a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 9.06 kWh and is positioned under the front seats. In terms of traffic there is an electric motor of 12.5 PS and a torque of 56 NM. However, the relatively small battery capacity ensures the car a lightweight bodywork and has an independent front suspension and a semi-rigid axle at the rear.

Toyota affordable urban mobility car

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Also the advantage of low weight can be seen in autonomy where with one charge it can reach up to 150 km. Also with a simple socket in a single-phase current 200V/16A it takes about 5 hours for a full charge.

An important element is also the price of the Toyota C+pod, as in Japan starts from 1,650,000 yen i.e. just over 13,000 euros or $16,000.

Toyota affordable urban mobility car
Toyota affordable urban mobility car


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