Watch Chevrolet Bolt EUV official teaser interior & exterior

Chevrolet Bolt EUV will be the name of the SUV version of the Chevy electric car, where since last August it has been known that it will go into production in mid-2021 the SUV version.

So until now the company had not disclosed more technical details about this particular electric car. The only clue they had revealed to us before was some details from his front lights. But now a new teaser video shows us more details than the dashboard where it is equipped with Super Cruise.

The video also focuses on the Bolt EUV’s electric autonomy, which shows 235 miles (378 km) of range, but it is likely that this number will be reported when the battery is charged at 80-85% rather than at full charge.

Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Thus the estimate for the autonomy of the Bolt EUV with full charged battery will be close to 275 miles (442 km) where it will be a value better than the current Bolt where with full charge it has autonomy of 259 miles (417 km) in an EPA cycle.

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There is also the possibility of using a larger battery to meet the needs of the bigger and perhaps slightly heavier bodywork. But these will have to be confirmed by official data from the Chevrolet itself in order to get a better picture.


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