Watch Giga Texas progress at the mid-January 2021

Works at Giga Texas is already in mid-January 2021 and the pace of factory growth continues at a rapid pace. About half a year ago, and in particular last September, there were no foundation, but there were only earthworks.

In the video below you can see impressive shots from the entire factory space. So in the progress of the work of Giga Texas in mid-January, where we see several pillars installed and the first buildings where being formed.

Giga Texas or Gigafactory 5 will be a factory that manufactures pure electric vehicles from Tesla. The facility is located near Austin, Texas, and the first works began in July 2020. Tesla wants the plant ready for production by the end of 2021. The US company is also planning the Giga Texas to produce models such as the Tesla Cybertrack, the Tesla Semi, as well as the Model 3 and Model Y.

Description from YouTube channel Bryan Roschetzky :

GigaTexas Makes Me Happy – Drone Flight Over Tesla TeraFactory in Austin Texas – 1-17-2021 – I love my Electric Car but I can’t wait for my Tesla Cybertruck!

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