Cheaper Tesla Model 2 electric car render photos, is real?

What will the cheapest Tesla Model 2 look like costing $25k in America? Recently on the internet a render was revealed showing a possible design form as it will have Tesla’s new affordable electric car.

Elon Musk has long ago promised a cheap electric car, but anything that’s hard to replicate realistically since Tesla’s designs for the Model 2 of course, still remain well hidden.

It is a given, however, that Tesla is very much looking to put an affordable electric car into production because competition mainly in China will start to become increasingly threatening. In the photos you see an artist’s vision of what the new $25k Model 2 might look like.

Tesla Model 2

The US company wants the new affordable model to have the right balance between practicality, reliability, purchase price, quality and driving pleasure. The new Tesla Model 2 is expected to come to market in the next three years as the company is currently developing new advanced batteries where they will be more efficient than the previous ones.

Tesla Model 2

evNT note :

It is perfectly normal that due to the publicity that Tesla’s new cheap model is receiving at the moment rumurs and new renders will appear further, increasing everyone’s imagination. The Company from California is in the spotlight in the world of electric vehicles since it also enjoys first place in global EVs sales. We look forward to new announcements from the company regarding the new affordable electric vehicle, but on the other hand we also enjoy the new proposals of independent designers.


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