Electric plug-in hybrid and BEV sales Greece 2020 final

The market for electric plug-in hybrid vehicles in Greece showed a huge increase in 2020 thanks to subsidies from the mid-summer of 2020. Combined plug-in Hybrid and pure electric cars (BEVs) made a new record in the Greek market with a total of 2,135 registrations.

This means an increase of over 300% year-over-year compared to 2019. Of course the overall numbers are still very low compared to other countries since Greece was one of the last countries where they strengthened the market for electric vehicles additional subsidies.

In terms of Plug-in Hybrid models Volvo was the winner for 2020 with the XC40 PHEV where it delivered 254 cars. In second place is the BMW X1-Series PHEV where with 138 units could not even threaten the Volvo. In third place another Volvo the XC60 PHEV where with 134 cars was found too close to steal 2nd place from BMW to make Volvo 1.2.

In fourth place is the first pure electric car the Peugeot e-208 where with 118 cars made a remarkable performance. In 4th place another plug-in Hybrid, the Mercedes GLA-Series with 117 units, where for just one car lost the fourth place. Dynamic entry makes Volkswagen’s pure electric car the ID.3 where although it reached the Greek market in the last month of 2020 it managed to sell 115 cars.

In positions 7 and 8 two more PHEVs from BMW and Mercedes respectively while impressing the good performance of Land Rover where it has two models in positions 11 and 12.

In pure electric cars (BEVs) the first place conquers the Peugeot e-208 with 118 units, but in second place the Volkswagen ID.3 looks extremely threatening for 2021 since with little presence on the market for 2020, as mentioned above with only three cars difference lost the first place.

In third place is the winner of the 2019 BMW i3 and 68 cars. In fourth place is the Nissan Leaf with 45 units while the Skoda Citigo e took fifth place with 38 cars. The electric mini is in sixth place with 32 cars while still a Volkswagen with electric UP! to take seventh place with 31 cars.

Beyond that, two SUVs, the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Peugeot 2008 at positions 9 and 10 respectively from where they sold the same number of cars, 24 units. Mercedes’ luxury electric SUV the EQC delivered 21 cars.

Also the Tesla Model 3 with 19 cars is in 14th place, but like the ID.3 Tesla cars started to be delivered literally at the last minute of the year 2019. Very good numbers also for Porsche Taycan where with 19 units equals the sales of the Model 3.

A total of 679 pure electric vehicles were sold on the Greek market while plug-in hybrids reached 1,456 cars. And for 2021 the prevalence of PHEVs is predicted since the charging infrastructure in Greece is still very poor and also Greek buyers are not yet familiar with the idea of electric vehicles.

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