Fossil fuel consumption responsible for 20% of Deaths Worldwide

Fossil fuel consumption is proving to have a huge impact on air pollution after accounting for 1 in 5 deaths worldwide in 2018. The “invisible killer”, as Harvard University’s research describes in collaboration with three research universities, is the cause of 8.7 million deaths worldwide.

The alteration of the atmosphere by the use of fossil fuels is now one of the biggest problems facing the planet and the problem is mainly found in East Asia with Europe and North America to follow.
According to 2018 data, East Asia faces a huge air pollution problem with the death toll of 30.7%.

In Europe the figure is 16.8%, i.e. more than one in six deaths is linked to pollution. In Canada the figure is 13.6% and in the US 13.1%, while it falls from 8% down in Central and South America, and in the rest of the world.

As reported in the survey, the 2018 figures are impressive since the 8.7 million deaths due to air pollution are an important addition to the global mortality burden. In fact, the numbers are so large that the sum of the world’s dead exceeds the death toll of cigarettes and malaria together.


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