Global electric car sales 2020 exceeded 3 millions

Global sales of electric car in 2020 have seen an impressive rise where more than three million vehicles have been sold across the markets. In 2020 it closed positively for Tesla where it was back on top but with a share slightly down 1% on the previous year.

Of course, it should be noted here that competition is constantly increasing and it makes sense to share the pie with more manufacturers. On the other hand, Tesla is a manufacturer that produces only pure electric vehicles, and the nearly 500,000 models it sold in 2020 are an impressive feat.

Volkswagen is also up as in sales of electric plug-in Hybrid vehicles took 2nd place with about 70,000 fewer cars than Tesla. In pure electric vehicles, Volkswagen Group ranked 3rd just behind Chinese SAIC.

Global electric car sales 2020

This company made an impressive run in sales in 2020 after being in third place of BEV+PHEV and in second place in full Electric vehicles with 243,201 units. The Renault-Nissan alliance was in 4th place after it managed to sell 226,975 BEV+PHEV and 172,673 BEVs.

BMW Group has not managed a remarkable course for 2020 since it does not currently have a competitive pure electric car, except for the i3, which is of course several years on the market despite the significant improvements it has undergone recently. Also an important player from China in BEVs occupies 5th place where IS BYD with 131,705 cars.

Although there was generally a sales boom in 2020, 2021 is expected to be even more impressive as several new electric plug-in models will flood the markets. Certainly in this year the battle will be fought between Volkswagen Group and Tesla with the company from California of course having an advantage since the Model 3 and model Y SUV seem to still have a leading role in many markets around the world.

Especially for the Model Y Tesla this year has high expectations since the compact SUV category is very popular. On the other hand, Volkswagen with the ID.3 will try to make the big rollover while its new SUV ID.4 will help with this.


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