Global electric car sales 2020 per model

Global electric car sales for 2020 showed particular momentum where pure electric BEVs rose 81% to an astonishing record of 407,000 units. But what made the difference was the hybrid plugins where with a rise of 205% it proves that PHEVs will probably remain for a long time to come in the preferences of buyers.

Although the car industry suffered in connection with the recent pandemic event with reduced sales volumes, however, electric vehicles are showing a continuous upward trend. This is also shown by the December 2020 sales where the electric vehicle market showed an astonishing 41% recovery compared to 2019.

In terms of models in global electric car sales 2020, the Tesla Model 3 took first place since with 365,000 units it delivered almost three times as many cars as the second. But here comes the big surprise since in second place is a small city car from China the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV where with 119,255 units was found very high on the sales ranking table.

The surprises do not stop here since the Renault Zoe thanks to its amazing course in Europe took 3rd place with 100,431 cars. In fourth place another Tesla model, the Model Y where with 79,734 cars was found a breath away from grabbing 3rd place from the Renault ZOE. In fifth place is the Hyundai kona ev where with 65,075 units it made a clearly remarkable course.

In 6th place is the Volkswagen ID.3 where at the end of 2020 its sales soared to YTD with 56,937 units. Logically in 2021 Volkswagen’s new electric hatch will show its full potential since it will participate in sales in a full year. Sales of the Nissan Leaf are down quite a bit after falling to 7th place with 55,724 units.

Global electric car sales 2020

A good year was 2020 for the electric luxury SUV Audi e-tron since with 47,928 cars it ranked 8th compared to the 25th the previous year. Another liliputium electric car from China is high in the rankings where the Baojun E-Series ranked 9th with 47,704 cars. The Great Wall Motors ORA R1 is a mini affordable electric car where it is sold on the Chinese market and with 46,796 units closes the Top Ten.

In 2021 and depending on the course of the pandemic is predicted particularly hot for electric vehicles since many new models will come to market. Of particular interest will be the “battle” between Tesla and Volkswagen since the ID 3 is constantly upping pace but the model 3 and Model Y duo are expected to conquer even more markets.

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German car manufacturers are also constantly enriching their range with plug-in hybrid models, so we expect a big increase in this category of vehicles.

Another very affordable pure electric car will start to be sold in early 2021 where Dacia Spring may make the big surprise at the end of the year of course depending on the production capacity of the factory.


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