Lotus electric race car for the 24 hours of Le Mans

Lotus will develop an electric Race car where it wants to participate in the 24 hours of Le Mans with a model codenamed E-R9. The big news is that this Lotus race car will be fully electric and we will probably see it on the race track from 2030 onwards.

The beginning of the coming decade will be a period of shocking developments in motoring where electrification is expected to dominate by then. So Lotus, in keeping with the developments of the season, wants to participate in the endurance races with a pure electric racing car where it will have excellent aerodynamics having the ability to change according to the conditions of movement and speed.

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So the Lotus E-R9 will be able to take turns with more kilometers since it will have some special mechanisms in the frame, where they will have the ability to change position on the go so that the race car has more stability and better behavior on the road.

At the moment there is no technical data from Lotus for the E-R9, but it will probably have a powerful electric motor as well as explosive performance.

evNT note :

2030 looks relatively far away but the participation of an electric racing car in the 24 hours of Le Mans currently looks completely utopian. One of the major problems that today’s Electric Vehicles have is the charging time of the batteries and we are not going to see any substantial changes for the next five years. What Lotus wants to do is impressive and we will keep a close eye on the evolution of the impressive electric race car that the company is preparing.


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