New e-Tron GT is Audi’s electric flagship with 646 PS

The new e-tron GT has been unveiled by Audi where it is the company’s strongest electric vehicle so far. Mechanically based on the parts of Porsche Taycan and it is a thoroughbred sportscar that combines high performance and comfortable daily cohabitation. It will be available in two versions, as Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron Quattro.

The new Audi e-tron GT externally borrows some elements from the 2014 Audi Prologue concept and has impressive features such as the long front bonnet, wide body and sporty look that catches the eye. It has large wheels from 19 to 21 inches while it is 4.99 m long, 1.96 m wide and just 1.41 m high. Also the wheelbase reaches an impressive 2.90 meters.

Like all modern electric vehicles, audi does not have air intakes in the mask, while behind it there are discreetly a number of sensors. The new Audi e-tron GT features an impressive array of LED headlights in three different variants.

 new e-tron GT

The sporty character of the car is shown at first glance and has a very low drag factor (0.24) given to less noise internally but also more autonomy to the battery. Inside the digital instrument panel and multimedia screen give priority to the driver while the driver and passenger sit quite low. Inside the RS e-tron Quattro there are the necessary design and color touches to emphasize the higher performance of the model.

The pure electric e-tron GT has two electric motors (one per axle) with a combined power of 476 PS and with Boost mode where it lasts 2.5 seconds the horsepower reaches 530 PS. To accelerate to 0-100 it takes 4.1 seconds while its final reaches 245 km/h.

New e-Tron GT is Audi's electric flagship

In RS e-tron, the power of electric motors combined reaches 598 PS while in Boost mode the 646 PS and the total torque 830 NM. For 0-100 it takes just 3.3 seconds while its top speed reaches 250 km/h. For both models there is a two-speed gearbox.

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The battery is located on the floor between the two axles with the weight distribution being at almost ideal 50-50. It has a capacity of 93 kWh where 85 kWh is available and has a high power supply with a voltage of 800V.

The battery can charge with alternating current at 11 kW and with direct current at 270 kW. As far as suspensions are concerned, there are double shears on both axles while as an extra one can acquire the car with a system where all 4 wheels turn.

New e-Tron GT is Audi's electric flagship

This system offers flexibility at low speeds and high directionality at high speeds. The new Audi e-tron GT will come on the market in next spring and its price will start at 99,800 euros while the RS e-tron Quattro will start at 138,200 euros.


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