New electric car Microlino 2.0 come to market in 2021

The second version of the new Microlino 2.0 small electric car as a prototype has already been built and the necessary tests will follow by mid-2021. Swiss company Micro wants the new bubble car as it calls it to come off production lines in September 2021.

In the coming summer the company hopes to start the process for its official certification. A second prototype is also in the process of being completed next month. The changes in relation to Microlino 1.0 are huge in terms of the frame since the second version of Microlino carries a completely new body structure compared to the tubular frame that had the first version.

Without weight gain, the new construction will give it more rigidity and safety. It has lilliputian external dimensions with a length of 2,430 mm, a height of 1,500 and a width of 1,450 mm. It will have a small lithium ion battery at 8 kWh while the weight of the car will be only 513 kg.

It will also be possible to order it with the largest battery of 14.4 kWh. In fact, the creators of Microlino stress that this vehicle is the ideal combination between a motorcycle and a car.

For the size of the battery it wears it will have very good autonomy since it will be able to travel 125 or 200 km on one charge and depending on the capacity of the battery.


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