New electric championships for motorsport 2021

The new electric championships in motorsport are increasing as electric mobility is now rapidly expanding to four and two wheels. For 2021 new forms of racing are coming where pure electric vehicles will run. Of course, it should be stressed that there is more activity on the four wheels than on two-wheeled vehicles.

Diriyah E-Prix Formula E


The Formula E championship is the crown of electric motorsport and is attended by leading manufacturers around the world such as Audi, BMW, Dragon, DS, Jaguar, Mahindra, Mercedes-Benz, Nio, Nissan, Porsche, Venturi, Virgin.

The technology developed in this form of racing will later be able to be transferred to production cars. The races take place on racetracks in the city and last 45 minutes plus one lap. Due to the intense competition this particular championship offers an impressive spectacle since sometimes the battles are judged on the flag of the finish.

New electric championships for motorsport 2021


The Extreme E is a new league involving Offroad electric vehicles. It will include five races in very difficult conditions in the Saudi desert in Senegal in Greenland and will go to the rainforests of Brazil as well as the glaciers of Argentina.

The importance of this championship is to demonstrate that electric vehicles withstand all challenges but also to raise public awareness of climate change and environmental protection.

The teams are : X44 – UK, Rosberg Xtreme Racing – Germany, ABT CUPRA XE – Germany, ACCION / Sainz XE Team – Spain, Andretti United Extreme E – USA, Chip Ganassi Racing – USA, Hispano Suiza Xite Energy Team – Spain / Switzerland, Veloce Racing – Uk, Techeetah – Indonesia and JBXE – UK.

Opel unveiled the first electric Rally car


Opel enters the races dynamically with electric vehicles and under the auspices of the German car club ADAC, a single championship will be held with opel corsa-e Rally race car. The prototype has been revealed for over a year and the championship will include 8 races to be held in Germany. The first race starts in spring 7 to 8 May 2021 while the last race takes place in mid-October.

New electric championships for motorsport 2021


Another electric car championship will be launched in 2021, PURE ETCR – Real Electric Car Racing. So far two companies have registered from where Hyundai and Alfa Romeo are from. The first will participate with a suitably modified Veloster while Italian brand with Giulia.

The racing cars will have up to 670 horsepower and will be equipped with Goodyear tyres where it is also the founding member of the championship. In the race the driver will be able to release more electricity using the push-to-pass feature to allow for overtaking.

MotoE Championship


The first championship with pure electric motorcycles took place in 2019 successfully and all teams use a common motorcycle from the Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica Motor Company.

In this single championship as is normal the biggest role the driver has since all motorcycles are identical and for this reason riders will have to give their best on the Energica Ego Corsa. The racing bike has a liquid-cooled electric motor of 160hp and a torque of 220 NM.

Of course due to the batteries the weight is quite increased reaching 260 kg. To have a measure of comparison with motoGP superstructures, the MOTO E electric motorcycle is 100 kg heavier. However, due to the absolute acceleration of the electric motor, it is slightly slower than the top motorcycles of MotoGP.

For 2021 there will be seven races on 6 different tracks in Europe. The first rece starts on May 2, 2021 in Jerez, while the season closes September 18, 19 in Mizano, Italy.


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