New Honda HR-V e:HEV with advanced hybrid system

Honda HR-V e:HEV is the latest generation hybrid SUV of the Japanese brand and comes with an improved hybrid drive system with the name e:HEV. Honda’s new hybrid SUV also offers advanced technologies and sophisticated safety systems.

In terms of exterior design it combines a shape between Crossover and Coupe while at the same time Honda’s basic philosophy remains the same making the car highly visually acceptable. At the front the mask has a bolder design and sharper side sections that benefit the spaciousness of the interior. Overall, the new H-RV exudes a sense of stability and robustness.

Also thanks to the intelligent layout of the components that the hybrid drive system has, Honda’s revamped SUV maintains the top interior space as it had the previous model.

The interior has been used several quality materials as well as modern fabrics, while the modern minimalist aesthetic has been preserved in the new model where each element of the dashboard is ergonomically arranged.

The sense of well-being and spaciousness increases with a new air diffusion system that guides the flow of fresh air next to and above passengers through unique L-shaped vents at the top corners of the dashboard.

The new Honda HR-V e:HEV will launch its commercial course in Europe from the end of 2021 with prices announced closer to launch. With this model, Honda will meet its commitment to electrify all its mainstream models in Europe by 2022.


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