Not RES fault for the massive power outages in Texas

Ultimately it was not the RES’s fault for the major power outages that hit millions of consumers in Texas after extreme weather caused many problems. The state administrator said Monday that 31 gigawatts of thermal power plants were shut down as well as 2 Gigawatts of wind.

What is particularly striking is that the production of photovoltaics had a particular efficiency since production was higher than expected. The photovoltaic association SEIA reports that three days after 13 February RES production was reduced by only 1% as opposed to thermal production where it had a 25% reduction.

Lightsource BP’s 260 megawatt photovoltaic continued to generate energy during the phenomenon and on 15/2 reached 80% of its nominal production despite adverse conditions.

Also the photovoltaic association emphasizes the importance that photovoltaics have with batteries in consumers’ homes since in difficult situations they have autonomy while at the same time they are protected from price fluctuations, of course here we note that it plays a role and depending on the contract that the consumer has.

Another important element is that in exceptional cases the manager has the ability to cut off the power to houses that have photovoltaics but at the same time to leave open the supply of other houses that do not have.


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