Tesla Giga Berlin Gigafactory progress mid-February 2021

Tesla Giga Berlin Gigafactory still remains snowy where winter is still lasting but in relation to the progress of work as recorded at the end of January you certainly will not see the huge differences in the workplace.

Quite possibly the low temperatures in the external work do not help much but nevertheless we see some activity of some machinery. Of course, we do not know what is going on inside the buildings of those who have been built, since working conditions will probably be better than outside.

Giga Berlin, or Gigafactory 4, is located next to the A10 motorway, where there is a junction for entry and exit to and from the factory. There is also access to the railway, which takes people to and from Berlin, since the factory is known to be close to the German capital.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, says the Giga Berlin will produce batteries, engines and vehicles, starting with the Model Y. He wants to see the first Model Y come off the production line in July 2021. Judging by the rapid construction of Gigafactory 3, something similar will probably happen in Germany, and the pace of construction of the Giga Berlin plant shows a perfectly satisfactory.

Video from YouTube channel the_wolfpack_berlin

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