Tesla Giga Texas Gigafactory Austin early February 2021

Tesla Giga Texas is in its seventh month and February’s ealry operations are continuing at an increasing rate. As in Gigafactory Berlin where work is at an advanced stage, so at Gigafactory Austin the facilities are now starting to take shape since some metal structures have already been built.

Also thanks to the impressive video shots from YouTube channel of Jeff Roberts you can see that new foundations are being created on the ground, the cement manufacturing facilities that are quite close to the construction site but also the quite large activity of workers and heavy vehicles.

Giga Texas or Gigafactory 5 will be a factory that manufactures pure electric vehicles from Tesla. The facility is located near Austin, Texas, and the first works began in July 2020. Tesla wants the plant ready for production by the end of 2021. The US company is also planning the Giga Texas to produce models such as the Tesla Cybertrack, the Tesla Semi, as well as the Model 3 and Model Y.

Description from YouTube channel Jeff Roberts :

The steel structures are about to reach out and touch someone, and that “someone” is another steel structure! That’s right, we are seeing a building merging together from all directions simultaneously; amazing and it’s happening in real-time!

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