Tesla Model 3 production halted temporarily in California

According to Tesla’s recent announcement to employees it has been informed that it will temporarily halt part of production at the California plant.

In particular, the Model 3 production line will be out of service from 22 February to 7 March following the relevant information provided to employees concerning Tesla’s Fremont plant. The reasons for the temporary shutdown of the plant have not yet been known but it is strongly rumored to be due to the global shortage of chips as is currently the case in some car manufacturers.

There is also no update on the volume of vehicles that will not be produced due to the outage and the potential revenue that Tesla will lose. Tesla’s California plant has the company’s largest production capacity and has the capacity to produce up to 600,000 models each year.

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evNT note :

As mentioned above the exact reasons are not known for this temporary interruption but we are monitoring that around the world several car makers are temporarily shutting down factories due to the lack of integrated circuits. We believe that Tesla will soon be informed of the whole situation and the consequences it will have in the long run. Last year the total production exceeded half a million cars and this year the targets are much higher.


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