Tesla Model Y : How much Snow needs to stop it ?

How much snow does it take to stop this Tesla Model Y dual motor all-wheel drive where it wears winter tires ?. On the internet there are several videos where Tesla models are tested in extreme winter conditions such as ice, snow and even storms.

In the video below from YouTube channel TFLnow, you can see a Model Y where will try to cross a fairly large amount of snow that exists on the road where for this occasion winter tires are wearing. The height of the snow on the road is about 7 – 8 inches and in the first few passes Tesla’s electric Compact SUV seems to be doing very well.

It should also be noted that winter tyres, in particular those with the indication of snow suitability, offer much better handling in difficult weather conditions than All-Weather tyres. Watch more details in the video below.

Description from YouTube channel TFLnow :

Another winter storm rolled through our neighborhood last night, and that was a perfect opportunity to see just how well a Tesla can handle not just cold weather, but deep snow that buried other cars up to the doors. Here’s how it performed!

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