Tesla Model Y vs Corvette Drag Race and more | video

I guess the Tesla Model Y will be the protagonist in the various Drag race this season since the company’s other sedan the Model 3 doesn’t show the same dynamics in publicity as before. Of course it should be noted that Tesla’s Compact SUV has excellent performance where it manages and hides very well I SUV features.

So having 0-100 in just 3.5 seconds can compete with much stronger cars with conventional engine and sports-oriented vehicles.
In the video below from YouTube channel Edmunds, you can see a race between the Model Y and the powerful Chevrolet Corvette. In addition to the Drag Race, both vehicles are also tested in roll-on race mode.

What do you think the fight is uneven? On the one hand we have a supercar and on the other we have an electric SUV, see below the rest.

Description from YouTube channel Edmunds :

Over the past year, we at Edmunds have had our own Model Y drag race against some heavy competitors. From the BMW X3 M to the Jeep Trackhawk, we have pushed the Model Y to the limit against some of the highest-performing vehicles out there. But now comes its toughest opponent yet: the Chevrolet Corvette. It’s the Tesla Model Y vs. the Chevy Corvette in this gas vs. electric car drag race!

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