Tesla Model Y : Watch this honest review from Alix Traeger

An honest review Alix Traeger wants to do on the Tesla Model Y since the car it is already in its possession almost 1,5 months. The video evolves inside Tesla’s Compact SUV and even the Youtuber declares impressed by the car’s large panoramic roof as well as the large spaces inside.

In fact, she points out that the panoramic roof was one of the main reasons she bought this model. To clarify that the Model Y did not buy it but acquired it through lease, and even says that it would like to try the car first and later make its purchase. She also praise the car by saying it’s very beautiful and very smart and stresses that looking to acquire a car like Tesla was one, we can say “Dream car” about her.

At first, one of the cars she was looking at was the Model X, but when she sat completely by accident inside the Model Y, that’s it!. More details, however, can be seen in the video below, which lasts about 20 minutes.

Description from YouTube channel Alix Traeger :

All about my new Tesla Model Y, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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