The cheaper electric car in Europe from Dartz FreZe Nikrob

The cheaper electric car in Europe is the Dartz FreZe Nikrob since its price starts at just 9,999 euros. Dartz is a company specializing in SUV manufacturing and is based in Latvia. Since last year Dartz has been working with a Chinese company and wants to revive Freze, where it is a historic Russian industry.

As mentioned earlier the small Hatch is the cheaper electric car in Europe and is based on the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV where it is sold on the Chinese market for between 3,440 and 4,655 euros. The Dartz FreZe Nikrob is a pure electric vehicle that can carry up to four adult passengers.

cheaper electric car in Europe

The affordable electric model offers autonomy of up to 200 km per charge. Dartz aims to make the city electric car available in the markets of Germany, France and Norway. With dimensions, length 2,917 mm, width 1,493 mm, height 1,621 mm and wheelbase 1,940 mm, gives enormous flexibility to large cities.

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Inside there are 12 storage areas and with the folding of the seats an additional 740 liters of luggage is created. It has a 27 horsepower electric motor and its battery has a capacity of 13.82 kWh.

cheaper electric car in Europe


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