US agenda changes with climate crisis as a priority

The 180-degree shift seems to be taking the US agenda related to the climate crisis. So highlighting global climate change will be a priority project according to the latest government decrees of the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

After four years of the Trump administration where environmental policy was not among the immediate priorities (contrary we would say) came a great relief with America now getting back into the game of climate change.

President Biden wants to demonstrate as much as ever US credibility in the fight against global warming. In statements he made recently to the BBC he pointed out that a fairly long time has been lost because of Trump’s policy. Let us remember here that the former President of the United States of America at the beginning of his term withdrew the United States of America from the Paris Agreement and one of the excuses he had was that climate change is a “fraud”.

An independent data provider, called Rhodium Group, says Trump’s climate policy could add 1.8 giga tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by 2035. So the former president of America only in four years managed to freeze government studies related to climate and at worst began to pressure researchers not to speak publicly.

The Climate Summit, to be hosted in the US on 22 April (Earth Day), is the last chance for the highly divided US to present its objectives. So the targets that are expected to be announced should have high expectations since Trump’s disastrous policy on the climate crisis and the replenishment of earlier years will have to be replenished.


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