VW ID.4 interacts with its passengers using the light

The VW ID.4 has an innovative function where it interacts with passengers using special LED arrays inside. With the advent of electric vehicles we see new impressive functions in the interior of cars that aim to make the life of the passenger easier and safer.

The German company’s ID.Light system helps to communicate with the driver with the car in a combination of voice commands with internal lighting. This system has a range of 54 LEDs at the base of the dashboard where it can change colors as well as rhythm. For example, when the driver enters the car, it is greeted with a blue and white one where is the colors of the brand are.

There are a plethora of variations in led colors and in the movement of them since they turn green e.g. in an incoming call, in the autonomous braking notification turns red as well as using the flash. See in the video below how the Volkswagen ID.4 communicates with light.

Description from YouTube channel Volkswagen USA News :

With the arrival of the all-new Volkswagen ID.4, there’s a new way for the vehicle to communicate with it’s passengers. See how the ID.4 communicates with its passengers using the ID. Light.

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