Watch electric Mustang Mach e on a detailed walkaround

Ford’s electric Mustang Mach-E is a Crossover launched in November 2019. It has an impressive appearance on the outside but also very good performance as well as electric autonomy.

The lithium-ion battery has two versions: the version with the basic battery of 68 useful kWh with 288 cells (standard-range), and the largest with 376 cells and the useful storage capacity of 88 kWh (extended-range). Efficient drive systems offer pure electric autonomy up to 610 km!

In the video below from youTube channel TrustFord, you can see a detailed tour of Ford’s new pure electric Crossover. The Word Mustang features ford’s legendary coupes and has a very strongly iconic character. In the exterior design the Mach-E ideally combines the modern with the classic and although it belongs to the Crossover or SUV category at the back it strongly gives the feeling of a modern Coupe.

Another typical example of where the Mustang DNA has been passed is shown in the back lights with the characteristic tri-bar design. For more detailed information you can see in the video below.

Description from YouTube channel TrustFord :

Vicki Butler-Henderson takes us on a detailed walk around of the All-New, All-Electric Mustang Mach-E.

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