Watch Tesla Model Y & 3 to drifting impressively in snow

In Canada two Teslas the Model Y & 3 at Toronto Motorsport Park that was covered with a layer of snow and with a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius (5oF) made nice dance pirouettes with drifting on the icy ground.

The snow allows for impressive slippings with relatively low speeds giving fun and all this safely. In the video below from YouTube channel Mountain Pass Performance, you can see stunning shots of the Tesla sedan and compact SUV drifting on a thin and icy layer of snow at Toronto Motorsport Park. The Model Y also looks like it’s wearing impressive racing wheels from OZ while the Model 3 has factory OEM wheels.

This company deals with improvements of electric vehicles based in Canada. Its goal is to make cars more efficient and at the same time enjoyable to drive. See more in the video below.

Description from YouTube channel Mountain Pass Performance :

We found an upside to winter – drifting on a deserted racetrack with pristine untouched snow. Join the MPP team as we put the Tesla Model 3 Partybox through its paces and collect data on our new Model Y Partybox.

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