Xiaomi new electric car wants catch up with Apple EV

Νew electric car is evolving from Xiaomi according to reports coming from Chinese media. The Chinese company is well known in the field of mobile phones where it plays a leading role in the global market but is also the largest manufacturer of electric skates in the world.

It also has a range of electric scooters and all show that an electric car is probably in Xiaomi’s immediate plans. As the Chinese media report, it appears that the company’s CEO Lei Jun supports this project. So according to LatePost the company’s plans for entering the electric car market are still at an early stage while the project is called Micar (Xiaomi Mi Car) with the first steps starting in 2018.

It should be stressed that Xiaomi also produces a plethora of gadgets where they are distinguished for value for money. This move by the Chinese company, if it becomes a reality, will cause a major uproar in the automotive industry worldwide since Xiaomi has the resources and means to compete with other electric vehicle manufacturers.

It should be noted that the company has developed advanced voice recognition technology as well as extensive experience in the manufacture of electric skates. The electric vehicle market in China is one of the largest in the world and Xiaomi’s interest in EVs investments meets the corresponding interest that Apple has recently in preparing its own response to electric vehicles with Apple car.


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