Electric vehicles sales in China exceeded all expectations

Sales of electric vehicles in China reached a new record for 2020 and despite the Pandemic which also brought a global recession and hit almost all markets in the world this has not prevented electric mobility where everything indicates that it is rising rapidly.

According to new data from TradingPlatforms.com 1.3 million electric cars were delivered last year, recording a huge 8% increase in the Chinese EVs market. But the good news does not stop here, since for 2021 there is also a new rapid increase in sales of electric vehicles in China, and indeed forecasts indicate almost 2 million zero-pollution cars to be added to the huge Chinese market.

The global electric vehicle market for 2019 was valued at more than $162 billion and the latest forecasts suggest that growth will be particularly high over the next decade. . The global electric car market is expected to have an annual growth rate of 22% in 2019-2026 and reach $800 billion in 2026.

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Electric vehicles sales in China
Electric vehicles sales in China exceeded all expectations

China will remain a huge market for electric vehicles for the next few years, and despite the global recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the figures achieved by the Chinese market impress. Automotive expert Chris Jones noted: “The outlook is very good for China’s electric car market in 2021. There is already an excellent network of standard public chargers, government support and now a return to strong consumer demand.”

As far as manufacturers are concerned, the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV achieves amazing sales figures after being able to under-strong the Tesla Model 3, which was also the most popular electric car on the Chinese market.


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