Electricity target in the EU from Offshore Wind by 2050

The target for electricity in the EU through offshore renewable sources is quite high since the target for production of at least 35% from offshore sources should be met. This milestone should be reached by 2050 and was the subject of discussion at the Blue Economy Forum organised by the Delphi Economic Forum in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Development of the European Public Law Organisations.

Also at the conference, reference was made to the development of renewable hydrogen and the possibility of producing it at a low enough cost to exploit natural gas transport infrastructure. At the same time, the role of wave energy was highlighted, for countries such as Greece, which due to its extensive coastline is a potentially attractive destination.

According to the Director-General of the Hellenic Wind Energy Association HWEA/ELETAEN, Panagiotis Papastamatios, the strong political commitment in this direction was highlighted where he also mentioned the need for long-term planning, both in terms of capacity and competitions, in order to enable investment in the sector.

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For his part, Christos Economou, head of the European Commission’s maritime policy directorate, said the EU has technological excellence and attracts high investment interest in developing offshore wind turbines in the European South as well. According to him, offshore RES is now taking on a new dimension through the new strategy developed by the EU and predicts five times the power by 2030, compared to 12 megawatts today, with the target for 2050 reaching 300 megawatts.

The online conference also highlighted the issues related to ‘green’ shipping, ports and related infrastructure. In this context, Mr Nico Suys, chief adviser to the international port of Antwerp in Belgium, presented the model of the port sustainability programme which is regarded as one of the most important in the world and is the strongest driver of development in the country.


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