EV charge is very expensive outside house in Greece

EV charge is a very expensive case for Greece in out-of-home chargers but the government is seeking the immediate development of infrastructure in order to create healthy competition and reduce charging prices because in the current situation they make electrification unprofitable.

According to research carried out by the Newsauto.gr the process of charging an electric vehicle in Greece at the moment, apart from a difficult case, is also quite costly.

Indeed, the advent of 2021 seems to have radically changed the data in the market as most companies that have placed chargers in public places started the charge which in most cases ranges from 0.50 euros for every kWh that charges the vehicle, while due to competition some newer companies with few charging points however charge from 0.30 to 0.35 euros!

EV charge is very expensive outside house in Greece

In other words, if an electric car has a 50 kWh battery then its owner will need to spend about 25 euros for full charge, which should also be noted that the car will need to remain at the charging point for at least 3 hours.

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According to Newsauto.gr officials from the Environment and Energy Ministry estimate that increased charging prices at existing charging stations will be reduced once more chargers are installed by companies.

Also the key blow to prices will be caused by the placement of many charging points by municipalities and regions that will reportedly provide free charging to citizens for a long time and then the charges will be extremely low. In fact, sales of electric vehicles in Greece for 2020 have risen rapidly following government interventions with the large subsidies given for each purchase of a new electric car.


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