First impressions from new VW ID 4 electric SUV

The new VW ID 4 electric is already available for orders in Europe and is expected to reach consumers in the United States soon, where it will also be the German company’s main target.

After the ID.3 hatchback where it has already been sold in European markets since the end of last year the second electric model of the ID family is an SUV called ID.4.

ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max have the electric motor mounted on the rear axle with a power of 150 kW (204 PS), with a torque of 310 Nm readily available from 0 rpm, giving the car impressive performance.

new VW ID 4 electric

In the video below from YouTube channel Recharging, you can see first impressions about Volkswagen’s first electric SUV. As noted in the video the ID.4 although much larger than the ID.3 has the same wheelbase (both are based on the MEB platform) while in the back of the car the design impresses where it has very nice details.

The luggage compartment is at 543 litres and is very easily accessible and if the rear seats are folded then the total space almost triples to 1575 litres. The luggage compartments will surely satisfy most families. But what’s it like when someone sits in the back seat of the ID.4? Watch the video below for more details.

Description from YouTube channel Recharging :

I think I was wrong when I said that the Volskwagen ID.3 was the EV most people had been looking forward to after the Tesla Model 3. It might be this Volkswagen ID.4, since this one will also be available in the United States. How much better is it then the ID.3? I had this car for a few hours to test, unfortunately not long enough for a review, but for a good first impression.

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