Hacking into Verkada’s cameras supplying Tesla

In a major hacking attack, Verkada was recently hit, directly affecting the Tesla automaker. Verkada, which specialises in security cameras, has suffered a hacking attack and it is estimated that more than 150,000 cameras supplied to Tesla have been affected.

However, this company supplies not only Tesla but also other automakers but also other operators. This attack on the part of hackers is being investigated by the authorities, and even Hyperloop is estimated to have been affected. Many of the videos taken by these cameras on production lines and factories have been released on the Internet without the approval of those responsible for the sites.

It should be noted here that most security cameras are installed in various offices but at this time they remain closed due to the pandemic. It is quite possible that this hacking attack was not coordinated but may have been carried out by some independent hackers where they simply could and did. Also for security reasons all administrators accounts have been cancelled in order to stop the leakage of additional visual material.


evNT Note :

Hacking attacks are a global phenomenon and are often carried out by individual users but in other cases they become coordinated and on a massive scale affecting large organizations and even governments. Of course, in this case with Tesla, no one knows the exact cause of this attack, but either way the American company knows how to solve these problems.

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