Legendary Opel Manta acquires emissions-free electric drive

Opel manta is one of the legendary cars of the German company that has written its own history in the field of motoring. In particular, a model produced between 1975 and 1981 also participated in car racing. Also the Manta 400 was a limited production model and is now a rare car.

Opel today expands the range of electric models but nevertheless presents impressive projects such as Manta GSe ElektroMOD. The pure electric model has a digital dashboard and according to Opel is as sporty as the original Opel GSe. The name “Elektro” comes from the Opel Elektro GT, which set a world record for electric cars 50 years ago and the “MOD” from the word “modification”.

Thus, the legendary Opel Manta acquires an electric motor and is now a zero-pollution vehicle. The conversion to ElektroMOD also shows how timeless the lines have been since 1970. Opel states characteristically “With the sustainable, emission-free electric drive unit, the Opel Manta is now becoming immortal, without the need for engine and gearbox and away from possible bans that will apply to older cars with internal combustion engines”


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As we can see from the unique photo released by Opel, Manta GSe ElektroMOD has a changed mask. This comes from the new Opel Vizor “face” that we have seen in opel’s new models, such as Mokka and Crossland.

However, the German member company of Stellantis does not communicate information concerning the exact specifications of the electric Manta GSe ElectroMOD.

Video from YouTube channel Opel

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