Lucid Motors : The $700 Million massive facility in Arizona

Lucid Motors has opened a massive facility at Casa Grande in Arizona where from there it will produce pure electric cars by putting the company in the “track” of electric mobility for more environmentally friendly transportation.

Lucid Motors has high expectations for the future and wants to establish itself in the electric vehicle market. The new plant occupies space with 17 American football fields and for its construction cost up to $700 million.

Lucid air is the first pure electric car to come out of the factory’s production lines and is a luxury Sedan and has Tesla’s Model S as its direct rival. The Air Dream Edition is almost five meters long and has a huge 113 kWh battery with 110 kWh available to the user.

With 1,080 hp available and dual motors driving all four wheels, the Lucid Air Dream Edition can reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds on its way to a quarter mile time as quick as 9.9 seconds.

In the video below from YouTube channel Tech Vision, you can see some shots of the company’s huge facilities as well as Lucid Motors’ new impressive large Sedan.

Description from YouTube channel Tech Vision :

California company Lucid Motors is expected to become a big name in the future of car manufacturing, joining rivals Tesla at the top of the electric car market. Tesla, though, have had cars on the market since 2008, while Lucid have been biding their time for the 13 years since their foundation, dabbling on other markets and waiting for the time to strike.

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