New Chevrolet Bolt EUV first drive impressions | video

The new Chevy Bolt EUV puts the American company in a category where it has been very popular in recent years but has not had a model to represent it. We have to go back several years, especially in 2016 when Chevrolet unveiled the pure electric Bolt, but so far it has recorded modest sales.

The new Bolt EUV is based on the hatchback (where it was also facelifted) and has acquired front new luminaires and daylights as well as new bumpers with a redesigned mask. The EUV comes from the initials of the words Electric Utility Vehicle, commonly an electric SUV, which will be put opposite the Nissan Ariya.

It is powered by an electric motor that produces 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque of torque. For the necessary energy takes care of a 65 kWh lithium-ion battery placed under the floor of the vehicle to maximize cargo and passenger space. Also mention that it is the same powertrain that the Bolt standard has, so expect the larger and heavier Bolt EUV to be slightly slower.

In the video below from YouTube channel InsideEVs US, you can see the first driving impressions of Chevy’s new model.

Description from YouTube channel InsideEVs US :

Tom is driving the new Chevy Bolt EUV and in this video he tells you all about it

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