Porsche Taycan vs Mustang Mach-e in range test

Porsche Taycan and Mustang Mach-e are two completely different in philosophy electric cars where the first is a four-seater sportscar while the second belongs to the SUV – Crossover category. The Taycan 4S has autonomy that according to the EPA measurement reaches 203 miles while the Mustang Mach-e theoretically has 270 miles of range also with the EPA measurement.

The Porsche Tycan was first unveiled under the name Mission in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and in 2019 the complete production version was unveiled. Ford Mustang Mach-E was launched on November 17, 2019 and sales began in December 2020.

In the video below from youTube channel Alex on Autos, you can see a range test between the two electric cars. A special feature of Porsche Tycan is that it has heating pump resulting in more efficient cabin heating and at the same time less energy consumption.

During the test the speed was set at 65 to 70 mph in order to approach the actual conditions as realistically as possible. As mentioned in the video the result may surprise you. Which of the two electric cars do you think has the best range?

Video from YouTube channel Alex on Autos

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