Tesla 2021 Model 3 vs 2020 : 10 Essential Updates

Tesla continues to regularly renew its cars and the comparison between 2021 Model 3 vs 2020 reveals several changes that have been made to the new revamped model both designally and functionally.

It should be remembered that the Model 3 began production in July 2017 and is a luxury medium electric sedan car manufactured by the American automaker Tesla. When it was first revealed in 2016 in just one week, the Californian company received more than 325,000 pre-orders.

The video below from YouTube channel Bembli, you can see what are these changes that have been made to the model in 2021 compared to 2020. The first change is found on the wheels where the upgraded Model 3 (Standard Range Plus) comes with new plastic wheel covers in black as well as wheels of the same color (optional).

As far as the outside of the car is concerned, some additions have been made such as the trim around the window, the door handles, and the camera casings of all of them are now in black instead of chrome. These changes were made in order for the car to look more youthful because sometimes chrome or the to much chrome fits in more classic cars.

Also a big change are the headlights where there is a brand new design. But for more details see the video below.

Video from YouTube channel Bembli

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