Tesla Autopark : Is still useless with the latest updates ?

The Tesla Autopark in the early stages of its implementation, like most similar systems, has somewhat rathy behavior during parking. That is, when a driver sets this one active when he parks the car himself, everything is done somewhat in slow motion as opposed to when the driver himself will park it.

In the video below from YouTube channel Jack Massey Welsh, can you see a new test of Tesla Autopark since with the latest software updates this system is expected to be improved, or not? impression causes in the first attempt to park that even with the latest update there does not seem to be any substantial improvement, indeed the whole process is referred to as quite stressful, since the car in some cases gets too close to the front or back of the cars parked until it comes to a stop.

In the first tests there was parallel parking and with plenty of space between the cars where the Tesla would park with the driver stating that Autopark showed relatively good behavior. But what happens when he goes to park in open spaces of supermarkets and so on? Watch in the video below.

Description from YouTube channel Jack Massey Welsh :

Is Tesla Autopark STILL USELESS in 2021? We tested Tesla Autopark way back when the channel first launched and it had a few issues.

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