Tesla Model S prototype with Yoke Wheel spotted in testing

Much has been said in recent days about the new Tesla Model S and the Yoke steering Wheel since it brings something completely new when driving the vehicle with the driver being at the heart of the new innovation.

And the debate on the internet has been heated since a few days ago a Model S prototype was spotted in tests wearing a classic steering wheel rather than the Yoke type that Tesla had recently unveiled at the launch of the revamped model. But one Twitter user (The Kilowatts) provided some new photos showing the Model S now wearing Tesla’s new steering wheel.

It should also be noted that in the exterior design the updated model has new bumpers but also the wheels have a new design. It also has excellent aerodynamics with the drag factor being just 0.208 Cd.

On the dashboard we also find big changes, since like the Model 3 has hidden air supplies while there are different rear seats where are heated. Also in the center console for rear passengers there is an 8″ screen while the front seats are air-conditioned.

In the video below from YouTube channel Tech Space, you can see some latest information about Tesla’s renewed model .

Video from YouTube channel Tech Space

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