Testing with electric trucks by DHL and Volvo in Sweden

Real-world testing with electric trucks will be carried out by DHL and Volvo on Sweden’s roads to carry out the necessary research into whether zero-pollution trucks will be able to cope with the transport of the future.

Volvo’s electric truck, called FH, is a test prototype vehicle and has the capacity to carry up to 60 tons of cargo. It will be purely electric and will run a 150 km test run between two DHL stations. Also the Volvo FH at the end of each test will going to Gothenburg where its batteries will be recharged.

During the process of these tests, a number of data are expected to be collected concerning several factors in the use of the vehicle. The data collected relate to the cost of the electricity it consumes, how much weather affects vehicle traffic and many other parameters.

Testing with electric trucks by DHL and Volvo in Sweden

The final results will judge whether and how quickly Volvo’s pure electric truck can be fully operational in transport. Volvo Trucks is constantly investing in electrification and wants by 2040 its entire fleet of vehicles to be fully electric.

evNT Note :

The Swedish company in recent years has shown a particular interest in electric mobility and this is demonstrated by the tests and experiments it does with its electric trucks. Also in the city of Gothenburg a large fleet of almost 150 electric buses operate for the benefit of the public while in the electric car industry Volvo is moving fast in the electrification of its range.


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