The island that subverts data in energy production

This project is a very successful collaboration that the municipality of Tilos, a beautiful island of Greece, had with the laboratory of mild forms of energy and environmental protection of the University of Western Attica where at the time it was TEI Piraeus and this project has a national identity.

In fact, this is a European project which was considered the first of 80 competing projects under the European Horizon 2020 programme, and secured a very large amount of funding of EUR 11 million. Essentially it involves the combination in the production of Electricity from renewable sources with the help of a small wind turbine of 800 kilowatts and a small photovoltaic park of 160 kW.

What is special about this project where it is hybrid, is the storage of energy in batteries a part of the energy 2.88 kW, where in fact the storage of energy gives the solution to the problem of non-synchronization of production and demand in real time. This project has exploited new technologies and achieves immediate and very important benefits for both the local economy and the economy for the local community.

This project is in full operation at the moment and at last a solution was given to the problem when there was a technical and administrative problem in case of interruption of the damage when it happens with the island of Kos or the island of Nisyros. Also this have the peculiarity to connected with the help of the old (DEH) factory where is installed, to give if necessary an assistance to the system so that it can start immediately electrification of the island from the stored energy.


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