Toyota X Prologue : First teaser image of its upcoming EV

Toyota announced that on March 17 it will unveil to the world the “X Prologue” and accompanied this important announcement with a teaser image of the upcoming prototype. The image shows us nothing more than a thin and stylish lantern as most of the mask is dark but more important than that is what the X Prologue stands for.

Yes, Toyota’s new concept will act as a precursor to the design of an entire family of models, but what matters is that this family will be purely electric. The caption chosen by the Japanese brand for its announcement, we believe, hides an element for X Prologue as the word “small”, in quotation marks even in the official text, may characterize the size of the concept and not the… Foretaste!

However, the X Prologue will definitely be electric as its “closed” mask suggests. If it’s going to be transformed into the electric SUV that Toyota has promised us, we’ll see in the future. But it will give us a first insight into the direction the company has chosen for its six future electric models.

The new EVs will use the flexible e-TNGA architecture developed in collaboration with Subaru and can be modified to form the basis for vehicles of different sizes, different wheelbases with one or two electric motors and a wide variety of batteries.


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