VW ID.3 new Cabrio version under consideration

VW has a new cabrio version under consideration for its ID.3 electric model and carmaker not exclude that in a few years the experiment of this version will take shape. Until now electric vehicles follow the conventional logic in design without there being any special models such as convertibles where they escape the beaten line.

Due to the general economic situation in the automotive world, most manufacturers do not experiment on anything new but instead stop various versions of “special” models. On the other hand, however, Volkswagen would like to remind us that the enjoyment of the sky while driving will not only be enjoyed by conventional thermal motor vehicles.

In fact, the German company is considering producing the ID.3 model in a cabrio version and this news comes directly from the head of the German company, Ralf Brandstatter. The Volkswagen executive said the cabrio version of the popular electric hatchback could provide a whole new sense of freedom and added that the concept is a very tempting idea.

VW ID.3 new Cabrio

In addition to the statements of Brandstatter, the German company revealed and a sketch showing the ID.3 in cabrio version. This concept, in addition to its roof, has also lost the rear doors while for obvious reasons, slightly differentiated is the rear part as a whole.

We hope that Volkswagen will do something similar even though these models have quite a limited Target group, but nevertheless our German company is used to such “special” models as the open version of the T-Roc and the ID Buggy concept.


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