VW says yes to cheap electric car under 20,000 euros

VW is increasingly focusing on electric mobility and even a cheap electric car smaller than the ID.3 is in the plans from the German company. In a recent announcement the company claimed the new affordable electric car will be ready to go into production by 2025 at the latest.

This isn’t the first time has been heard. As early as last year there were rumors that VW had in its plans the ID.1 with two different batteries on 24 and 36 kWh and autonomy in the large version that would reach 298 km.

The company’s official announcement now refers to a small model, which will be presented by 2025 and its price will be below the limit of 20,000 euros and will mainly concern use in the city. This new announcement confirms that the company will continue to invest in the development of the MEB electric platform, which will also be under this small model.


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Other rumors have it that Volkswagen wants to prepare two small electric models. One of this will be the UP! where there will be a natural evolution of the current model and there is also talk of another pure electric car the size of the Polo called ID.2

evNT Note :

Lately we have seen from the German company a particularly aggressive strategy in electric mobility and with yesterday’s presentation of Power Day concerning Volkswagen’s plans for the development of batteries and charging infrastructure, it clearly wants to lead the new challenge for a cleaner environment through electric vehicles.


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