Watch Tesla Model Y after one year “experience” review

The Tesla Model Y has already closed a year since it began to be delivered to the first owners and the first reviews are revealed as the specific one you can see below.

This review from the Tesla Model Y Performance that you can see in the video below is more of a user experience than a typical review with Pros and Cons. It recounts exactly the first experience he had with the electric Compact SUV on the day he received it as well as living with the car this year was not very common as he typically says, some people after buying the car measure the door gaps when take the car in home.

He also put the Model Y directly on the Race track and even as he picked up the car from the delivery center he went straight to the supercharger and after fully charged he did a range test. More generally, however, he has been very active all this time and watch below why.

Description from YouTube channel i1Tesla :

This past year with my Tesla Model Y has been amazing and can’t wait to have even more fun in the coming year.

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