European drivers turn to electrification according to Nissan

European drivers seem to be increasingly preferring the benefits of electrification, according to research carried out by Nissan. In particular, a large proportion of European drivers who reach 70% would like their next car to be electric. One of the main reasons they consider to buy EV, is the environmental benefits since 49% of respondents are particularly positive about zero-pollution vehicles.

Nissan conducted the survey of 7,000 motorists across Europe, but separated the sample of motorists surveyed into electric car owners (EV) and internal combustion engine (ICE) car owners. The findings of the survey revealed by the Japanese company are impressive since 89% say that switching to an electric car was correct.

Also 74% of respondents say they feel more comfortable while 77% find the electric car more relaxing to drive than a car with a thermal motor. Also 97% of EV drivers said the transition from conventional engines to electric vehicles was easier than they expected.

Although electric car technology is still recent in widespread production, 85% of drivers appreciate that EVs are environmentally friendly while 89% of European EV drivers are satisfied with their experience and 78% say they are better than they expected.

More than a third of European EV drivers (34%) as Nissan’s research reveals they have decided to make the change, thanks to the advanced technology offered by electric vehicles. Also, almost one third (31%) of drivers of cars with internal combustion engines prefer to buy an EV, in turn confirming that advanced technology entices them for this transition.


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